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Measure What You Need, Not What You Can Measure

Authored by Glenn Morgan

Today we wonder along with DemandWave’s 2016 State of B2B Digital Marketing Survey at the disconnect between the sources of leads and planned marketing spends for 2016.

Let’s cut to the chase and consider the following disconnect: Marketers are not increasing budgets on the strategies generating the most leads.

If You Want to Sell Show Don’t Tell

Authored by Glenn Morgan

Demonstrative proof authenticates and positions you and your firm as rich in both experience and substance.

The declarative statement? It rings hollow.

And unless your declarative marketing statements are backed up by demonstrable evidence your declaration rings hollow. It fails to persuade.

Think of your web site.

Does your site declare or demonstrate?

Today’s web sites continue to converge on well-received design paradigms as the focus shifts from layout to content.

And with this shift content’s value surges. You’re not persuading an audience with your big bleed image, your hamburger nav (dead) or your scrolling Wordpress template. You’re persuading – you’re selling – with your demonstrable track record…

Jim Grant, SkyWorld Mar/Com Client, Sparks National Debt Debate with Time Cover

Authored by Bill McClure

We tip our hat to Jim Grant, Wall Street’s intellectual thought leader and the editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, as he throws a spotlight on America’s growing national debt.

With a focus on facts and an application of in depth research Mr. Grant sees what others attempt to ignore. And his clients profit from his efforts. Grant’s Interest Rate Observer teams with SkyWorld to support the dissemination of his research to an audience spanning tens of thousands.

Manufacturing: Congratulations MagneMotion on Your Aquisition by Rockwell

Authored by Bill McClure

Congratulations to long time client, MagneMotion on your acquisition by industry leader, Rockwell Automation.

MagneMotion is an American production and manufacturing automation leader. The firm delivers automation solutions to device, food, pharma and retail assembly & packaging leaders. Now, after years of successful and well-earned growth, MagneMotion leaps forward.

WGBH Local Corporate Sponsorship Wows with a New Digital Presence

Authored by Bill McClure

WGBH Boston, one of the nation’s premier creators of public television and radio content, is pleased to announce the launch of their new Local Corporate Sponsorship web site. WGBH turned to long time partner, SkyWorld Interactive, to architect, build and deploy the new site.

Engaging Your Audience: Getting Prospects to Lean Forward

Authored by Glenn Morgan

Whether you’re persuading or chatting, or even flirting, you look for tells. You look for subtle signals such as a thoughtful nod, a touch of the arm or a simple comment; something like, “Yes, quite right; please continue.”

And when seeking new business via digital tools we do the same; we look for tells…

Westwood Public Schools: Serving Educational Leaders

Authored by Bill McClure

Following a robust constituent discovery engagement in which SkyWorld gathered requirements from students, parents, faculty, teachers and incoming families we defined a set of core use cases around which we designed the new school district web portal. The platform serves multiple schools and programs with responsive design, integrated third party feeds and an administrator-friendly content management system supporting content for the entire school district…

Your Brand Mosaic: Every Visit is a Brand Experience

Authored by Glenn Morgan

Whether you like it or not you’re branding 24/7.

With each interaction you add a little something to your constituents’ perception of your firm.

The tone of your emails, the pleasantries of your phone system, the patience and competence of your help desk personnel and the presentation of your traditional collateral all join the intellectual capital and hard work behind your products, service and customer support efforts to create an overall Brand Mosaic; an impression of your firm and your offerings.

And from this mosaic of elements constituents gain a sense of what to expect from your products and of your services…

Guardian Jet Site and Client Portal Increase Client and Prospect Satisfaction

Authored by Bill McClure

“Guardian Jet has changed the competitive landscape of an entire industry with the deployment of the aircraft valuation and financial planning portal,” agrees Michael Ratner, SkyWorld Partner…

Creative Venture Competion Award Winner Mayday Moves Forward

Featured Story by UMass Lowell DifferenceMaker

The winner of the UMass Lowell Creative Venture Competition, Mayday, moved on to win the $4,000 UMass Lowell DifferenceMaker Award.

The Creative Venture Competition was initiated and funded by SkyWorld Partner, Glenn Morgan, with the intent of promoting entrepreneurship at UMass Lowell…

UMass Lowell Recognizes SkyWorld Partner with Alumni Leadership Award

Featured Story by UML.com

UMass Lowell today honored seven outstanding graduates at its annual University Alumni Awards.

“These graduates are seven remarkable individuals who have used their UMass Lowell educations to achieve success in their careers and communities,” said Chancellor Marty Meehan. “This event is an opportunity to shine a light on their achievements and their positive impact on the university as alumni…”

SkyWorld Partner Helps Kickoff DifferenceMaker Business Plan Competition

Featured Story by UMass DifferenceMaker

SkyWorld Partner Glenn Morgan was among the featured speakers asked to kick off the most recent round of the UMass Lowell DifferenceMaker business plan and product development competition. Glenn spoke of the need for entrepreneurs to learn to “get up off the canvas” after being knocked down. Focusing his attention on the competing students Glenn suggested risk and failure go hand in hand, explaining “recovery from failure is what sets apart successful entrepreneurs…”

SkyWorld Partner Featured at UMass Entrepreneurship Series

Featured Story by Lowell.com

October is Entrepreneurship Month at UMass Lowell, when students will learn entrepreneurial skills from business professionals, faculty mentors and alumni and put their ideas to the test in a variety of competitions. Students will be introduced to the DifferenceMaker Program at an event on Thursday, Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. Now in its third year, the initiative challenges them to work in teams to develop a product or service that answers a real-world need in business or the community. Teams then pitch their ideas to expert judges, vying for seed money for their ventures. Last year, 70 teams participated in these contests.

Event speakers are expected to include Glenn Morgan ’86, co-owner of SkyWorld Interactive…